Europe 2016: Paris, France

Paris is a dream come true. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to visit Paris. As a matter of fact, I even thought about applying for colleges in Paris. That’s how badly I wanted to see the city. And though we were only there for three days – not getting to see all of its beauty and glory – it was amazing. To say I’m a fangirl is an understatement.

Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral. I apologize if I kept thinking The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The gorgeous gothic architecture and the gargoyles all lived up to the “hype.” I could not stop looking all over the place, and I would not have minded going back to attend mass (didn’t happen). Afterwards, we headed to Champs-Elysées (still learning how to pronounce it properly). We walked down the entire boulevard, lined with mostly fancy stores that we loved oh-so-much but ultimately bought nothing from, to reach another destination: Arc de Triomphe (this, I can say correctly). While walking along the boulevard, we made stops for lunch, dessert, and to publish our first live video on Facebook! My niece and her cousin also stopped me numerous times because my dress was a hotspot for Pokemons. smh.

After taking the metro, we found ourselves near the famous Eiffel Tower! Because we were there the day after Bastille Day, there were still portions of the park closed for cleanup. It was still a gorgeous day. I thought to myself, if I lived there, I would happily walk everyday. That thought, of course, could change. Speaking of Bastille Day, we arrived in Paris the day of. We chose to stay in our hotel’s neighborhood for safety and because the fireworks were visible right around the corner from where we were. Back to the tower… we went inside and were in line for what felt like forever to climbed up the tower. We only made it to the middle section because the top deck was closed off. I’m telling ya, we were in line for forever! Nonetheless, the view was beautiful. I loved that we saw it at night because it gave a much different vibe to the view. It was so colorful and lively!

The following day, we visited some more of the city. We went to gallerias and churches, one of which was the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse. I suggest looking it up because what’s inside is unbelievable.We also went to Montmartre and sipped at coffee at the Starbucks in front of Moulin Rouge.

On our last day, we went to Louvre Museum before heading to the airport. Oh. My. Gosh. I can easily spend a weekend there. We did not have enough time to see everything inside, but the ones we did see… jaw-dropping! Of course, we saw Mona Lisa. She’s as delicate and as mesmerizing as the photos online. We even took a selfie together. I don’t look as amazing because my hair was dry from humidity and my shirt was all messed up, but I don’t really care. I took a selfie with Mona Lisa! 😉

If given the chance, I will definitely go back to Paris. I want to experience it just a little more. Praying for another chance to visit Paris, for sure. This time, with Mike!

Around the corner from our hotel. Can you see the Eiffel Tower?
Eiffel Tower in blue, white, and red. Night after Bastille Day, #PrayForNice
Ile de la Cite – en route to Notre Dame Cathedral.
ORY is a lifesaver! A 2-flat prong outlet for my dead battery.*


* I only had two battery packs for my camera because well, I forgot about adopters and stuff. I borrowed an adopter to be able to charge my phone, but could not find one for my batter charger. Until this glorious day at the airport, I was saving the juice of my back-up battery. Sadly, Paris had more shots on my iPhone (all but the Eiffel Tower shot above) than on my Leica.

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