This Owl Is Getting Married!

I’m a night owl. I think better at night, unless I’m extremely tired and ready to knock out. But my best ideas come in the evening when it’s all quiet and peaceful. It is also a dangerous time for me because that’s when I tend to do a lot of online window shopping or booking random short trips.

With that said, I think it’s time for me to catch up on life on here. I have not actually talked about what has been going on in my life. Let’s see…

I’m getting married in forty-two days! That is coming up soooo fast. We started the countdown when we booked our church and venue at the beginning of last December. I remember thinking, “Gosh. We’ve got a long, long way ’til the day!” Geez, could I be more wrong? Now, it’s almost here. It started to hit us when we met with our ceremony and music coordinator, as well as our officiant. Who knew there would be so much details that go in such ceremony? We’re getting married in church. Next, we gotta apply for our marriage license and turn additional paperwork that Mike did not have ready today. Yikes!

I also mentioned short trips above. These past couple months, I have taken a number of day trips to Los Angeles for my wedding gown: for measurements, fitting, refitting, etc. Next trip? Final fitting and pick up! WHAT?! I’ve also decided to make something out of it. I just booked a flight for Mike, so we can spend a day at Disneyland. It will be our last Disneyland trip as a non-married couple, and it’s only for one day. I cannot wait!

That weekend will kick me in the butt, for sure!

Oh. I also booked a couples massage during our honeymoon. I mean, we do deserve it after all, right? 😉 Surprisingly, it’ll be our first time getting a massage together in the (almost) ten years that we have been together. He usually massages me, and it feels great most of the time.

Confession: I still have so much more to do for the wedding. It’s part procrastination and part unaware. Whoops! I’ll get on it fast though!

And that’s it for now! I have work in six hours, which means I must get up in four so I can leave the house in five hours. Sigh..

Our priest is a Disney fan, too!  🙂

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