Life Lately

Currently wondering: When the heck am I going to sleep?! Between traveling, partying, and moving these past few days, I have been running on an average of three hours of sleep daily. Oh my!

In the last five days, I managed to take two round-trip flights to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Also in the last five days, I’ve had my final fitting, went to Disneyland for the last time this year, attended a makeshift bachelorette party in Vegas, and received the keys to our brand new place. All of that in addition to living life, of course. My family has been so sweet in helping us move in to the new place… slowly but surely.

In ten days, I will be getting married. Whaat?! That is so soon… sigh. I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen. How do brides stay so calm during this time of their lives? Or am I feeling like they were – calm on the outside but soooo nervous and anxious on the inside?!

Anyway, I am hoping and praying that everything turns out well, if not perfectly. I also hope that everyone has fun and no one goes home hungry.

Filipino tradition says you enter your new home with these items first.
My sweet bridesmaid created this banner & random penis cutouts. LOL

Election Day 2016

I voted, did you?

Frankly, I don’t care which party you represent or your opinions on the propositions. I will choose to still be friends with you despite our political differences. What I do care for are these:

  1. That you have done a thorough research on every candidate on that ballot – not just the two that the mainstream media have focused on.
  2. That you have done enough research on the propositions and issues presented to you that you are able to form a feeling and an opinion on how it will affect you and your local governance.
  3. That you care enough to actually get out there and vote for who and what you believe in. Every vote counts. Every voice matters.

img_5466If you think the outcome will not affect you in any way, please think again. Do this not only for yourself or your loved ones, but for the future of everyone in the country. Now is not the time to be selfish or naive because everyone is counting on you.

Please vote. And to those who already have, thank you.

One Decade!

When you realize that you have been with someone for ten years, a whole decade, you also start realizing how far you’ve come in life as individuals and as a couple. It has been a fun, exhausting, thrilling ten years, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I can’t wait for the decades to come!

Because ten years is a milestone, I want to recap our day and share what we did to celebrate yesterday. It started with going to a friend’s house for “just a simple lunch.” But once we got there, we were greeted with a loud “surprise!” and flower petals thrown at us by the kids. We also had so much cellphones pointed at us, we didn’t know where to look. After a few moments and finally coming to senses that they just threw us a surprise wedding shower, I cried. I am usually the one throwing surprise parties, but was never a recipient of one. It was overwhelming, and I quickly felt humbled. As we walked through the house and hugged everyone there, we saw balloons with our pictures attached floating all over the place, beautiful rose arrangements, and delicious food. It was amazing. We felt so loved and so incredibly happy. I am still so touched thinking about it.

We left around 4:30PM to drive to San Francisco. We watched The Lion King at the Orpheum Theatre! There was so much traffic there, but we made it just in time for the opening scene. The Lion King is one of our all-time favorite movies, so this was a perfect way to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We were five rows back from the stage, so we could totally see every move. I was so amazed by the intensity and the stamina of the actors. I am always impressed by stage actors, but there’s something about last night. Oh, and the young Nala? So cute! 🙂

Party favors!
Facebook photos come alive! 😀


Eighteen days until we enter a new chapter in our lives, and I cannot wait to finally marry my favorite friend. The fact that our families and closest friends will be there will make it so much more special. Cheers to love!