About Me

To keep this simple, let’s do 8 things about me!

  1. My name is Precious. No kidding. I also go by Presh, Nina(ng), and Boss Lady.
  2. I love dogs. I have two. Dogs over humans all day, everyday!
  3. I am a coffee junkie. Coffee in the morning, afternoon, and night. In between, sometimes.
  4. I love all things Disney. I’ve been a Disneyland AP Holder since 2009 and a DVC Member since 2015.
  5. Fall is my favorite season.
  6. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays.
  7. I am married to my favorite friend, Mike. We got married on 11/25/16 – the day after Thanksgiving and a month before Christmas.
  8. I’m from the part of California where people say “hella.” 😉