About Me


My name is Precious, and I’ve probably heard just about every joke, Lord of the Rings and Precious reference, and disbelief remarks ever. Please spare me of anymore. Yes, I like my name, and yes, they had a pool of names they chose from.

I live in California, about one-hour drive away from the beaches, the snow, and the mountains. It’s a perfect location for me, although I have thought and wondered about living other places.

I am married to my favorite friend, Mike, since November 2016, although we have been together since November 2006. I have two dogs – Kaydee (Maltese-Chihuahua Mix) and Kacie (Shih-Tzu). Their grandparents (my parents) are very possessive, and have assumed custody of them most days. Hah! This works out for me since the dogs get to be with humans almost all day long. We also have a bigger dog, Shadow (German Shepherd), who we decided to adopt after I heard a cashier at PetSmart talk about him to someone else. Mike’s parents take care of him most days as well, which works since they’ve got two other dogs he can play with.

I am an aunt to four nephews and one niece (soon to be two!) and a Godmother to many. I love these roles. I love, love, love Disney. Disneyland is one of my favorite places. I love to go places and eat all kinds of food. I am also a huge sports fan – San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and Sacramento Kings!

I write on my leisure time, and someday, I’d love to do it full time. SOMEDAY.


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