Life Lately

Wow! It’s been a while, huh? I guess this is what happens when you go without WiFi at home. Yup. I always tell myself that I would bring my laptop with me and update during lunch at a cafe, or that I will go to the community lounge after work or on the weekends, or that I will eventually turn the WiFi back on. But here we are (or I am), finally succumbing to updating using my iPhone. It’s definitely not ideal, but it gets the job done.

My life these past two months have definitely been very heavy and stressful. It feels like I can’t ever catch a break in anything. In the times that I’ve felt like I’m finally caught up and ready to relax just for a moment, something else comes up. There have been so many things polluting my mind, and I’m trying my best to clear them all away. It’s definitely hard when you feel the pressure and need to keep things and go through them by yourself. To help ease my mind, I have been saying a lot of prayers – both silently and not-so-silently. I am working on my miracles while waiting for answers. I’m hanging on and keeping on, everyone!

But hey – summer is here! It’s not like it used to be when plans are made to make the best of the season, but I’m still planning to make good memories.

That is all for now, my friends. Until next time… 🙂

Life Lately

It has been a week since I last posted, if you can call it that. As much as I would love to finish my Oahu posts, I have decided that now is not the time. I am still very much heartbroken, but I am doing a little better.

I went home early from work today with a pounding headache, sore muscles, and a laundry list of things that cannot be put off… like finish filing our taxes! Sigh. I’m not the procrastinating type wit these sort of things, and I’m usually done by mid-March. However, this time, it was a bit of hassle with everything that happened. I started the forms before we left for Hawaii, and then, life happened. Yeah.

Since my last true update, I gained a baby niece. Super cool! Her name is Sofia, and she will be one month old this Friday! 🙂 I am so in love with her crybaby self. My Goddaughter, Samantha, received her first holy communion yesterday, which was super neat to witness. I worked six days the past two weeks, which I didn’t mind. The only frustrating part of it all was the many times we couldn’t get proper work done because our systems were down. Thanks AT&T.

On Wednesday, I will be heading up to Lake Tahoe for a work recognition celebration! I made it to Circle of Excellence, which is a huge recognition for us platform folks at work. It’ll be nice to kind of getaway, even if it is work related. Haha. I am just hoping that the snow does not pour on our way there or back.

Here I am now. I am still asking for your prayers, if you will. Praying for healing, blessings, and love.

Life Lately

Hi All,

I realize that I have not finished my Oahu posts. I’m not sure when I will, if I do. I apologize.

It has been very rough around here lately. My heart, my soul, my pride have been crushed. I’m working my way through it, and I’m coping much better than I thought I would.

At this time, I ask that you shine some light and send positive vibes my way. I also ask for your prayers.

Thank you.


Super Bowl LII

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! Who do y’all have? As for me, I am on Team JT! I am so excited for the halftime show with Justin Timberlake! I love, love, love that man! I also love his little family. Yeah, I feel like we’re besties even though we have never actually met. Haha! I was so disappointed that I made a Target run on Friday, and FORGOT to purchase his new album. But hey – Spotify to the rescue!

So what’s up lately? Mike and I are thinking about upgrading our current iPhones (6S Plus) to either the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X. We cannot decide whether we want to or not, and if so, which one. I have heard a lot of wonderful things about the Samsung Note 8 also, but I don’t think we can make that switch at this time. LOL. So, any input other? Help! Also, I am such a novice on backing up my MacBook to an external hard drive that I have semi given up. I’m thinking about subscribing to iCloud for backup storage instead – what do y’all think about that option? Yay or nay?

Alright… gotta get ready for the game! And the Justin Timberlake concert. 😉


I love January and new years! It’s like a fresh, promising, open slate of a full year ahead. I enjoy getting new desk and wall calendars, a new planner, and all that good stuff. I am not huge on making new year’s resolutions for myself, but I am a believer in striving to be a better version of myself.

So January has been quite eventful. My brother’s birthday was on the 9th, so we went out for dim sum after church the Sunday before. Afterwards, my parents treated us all out to Starbucks and a movie! We watched Jumanji, but honestly, my favorite part of going to the movies is the popcorn. LOL. On his actual birthday, we had dinner at the local Chinese bistro and it was delicious! That Friday, my office had its end of the year party. I love our little parties because it’s just always fun with lots of food, wine, and stories! We also had a white elephant gifting, and I came away with movie tickets! WIN!! The next day (Saturday) was Mike’s birthday. We had lunch with his parents at Texas Roadhouse, and went to a Korean BBQ restaurant for dinner with my family. The food, of course, was YUMMY!! Yes! I love me lots of family time!

On Thursday, we flew out to Orange County to spend the evening at Disneyland. We had tickets to Disneyland’s Disney After Dark: Throwback Nite event. Only ticket holders were allowed to stay in the park from 8PM to 1AM, and attendees were encouraged to dress in their best 50s and 60s inspired outfits. I was sick, so Mike and I did not try too hard. LOL. It was so much fun seeing all the dapper gals and pals, walking around the park listening to music from those two decades, and being able to get on rides with not much wait. I do have to say that Peter Pan’s Flight ride almost always has a long line, and Snow White’s Scary Adventures is much scarier when you’re the only people inside at 12:50AM. Hah! We also met up with my good friend, Cynthia, and her sister. Towards the of the night, Mike and I were hanging out by the castle, when an awesome cast member handed each of us a churro. It was the best way to end the evening! 🙂


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
We love Mickey!
Jungle Julep – we paired it with Pork Belly skewer and Kahlua Pork rice plate.


Yesterday, we spent a few hours at California Adventure, and were bummed that there were a lot of sections closed off. However, we are excited to see all the new things that are coming later this year. We left the park mid-afternoon and drove to Long Beach. We got milk tea and ube-flavored desserts in Cerritos to kill time before our flight back home. Oh! We finally decided to buy the Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles that catapulted to popularity when the noodle challenge made its round. I’ll let you guys know how it goes when it happens. 😉

Alright friends – praying that everyone has a joyous, prosperous, wonderful 2018! xo.

Life Lately

Last time I posted, it was Thanksgiving week. Now, it’s the week leading up to Christmas! I also never got to post about the “feels” and the wedding (from last year). It’s in my drafts, and sort of feel out of place at this point. Lol. I’ve gotta do better with my timing.


Thanksgiving was fantastic! Mike and I woke up super early to run some errands before lunch and dinner. Hehe. We kind of went shopping during the wee hours of Black Friday with my siblings. Really, all we bought were a pair of shoes for each of us, a pair of leggings, a shirt, and a jacket. Seriously, last year’s Black Friday was so much better! Our wedding, in case I lost ya.

The week after, we celebrated our anniversary at, where else? The happiest place on Earth – Disneyland! We also watched live show of The Voice. It was so much fun, but it felt like we were waiting all day to get to show time. My legs and arms were so tired by the end of it, and we were all hungry. Heh. But… Adam Levine, so… 😉 It’s too bad we were not allowed to bring cellphones or cameras inside.

Disneyland was amazing, of course. We were in the parks Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it was perfect. The crowd was manageable, and the lines were not too long. That Friday, we went to the park to simply pick up a new pair of Minnie ears, stockings, and ornaments, and it was already super crowded at 10AM! We always wish we never had to leave, but we already booked a one-day trip for next month. Oops.

So, who’s ready for Christmas?! We are totally not. We have a few more important people to shop for, and a whole lot of gifts to wrap! Here’s to backaches and hoping that paper cuts do not happen.

Life Lately

It’s Thanksgiving week and I am getting all the feels! More on this later. 😉

Since my last update, a few cool, fun-fun-fun things happened!

We had visitors from the Philippines and Singapore! Two of my mom’s sisters, their husbands, and my cousin came to visit us for a week. Because the visit was quick, we tried to make the most of it and did something every day they were here. It was such a joy to see my mom so happy spending time with her sisters. Of course, the goodbyes are never easy, and it wasn’t easy this time around.

Welcome (back) to California! I’m pretty sure this was the only picture with all of us!
Sisters at Apple Hill! ❤

We also attended two of our good friends’ wedding at the Bentley Reserve in San San Francisco. It was a great day celebrating two amazing people and a beautiful wedding! The bride’s family came all the way from Brazil! Too bad the only “couple pic” we took with the bride and groom was dark and you can hardly see us. Oh well, haha! Congrats, David and Nayra!

Photo Booth photos from the wedding, of course!

During Veterans Day weekend, we flew down to San Diego to celebrate my good friend Randy’s birthday! We were only there for the weekend, but it felt so much longer. I’m pretty sure my liver was not ready for that. Hah! We also stayed at an AirBnB for the first time. We shared a two-bedroom flat on a hill, and aside from the complicated parking arrangement, it was pretty neat experience! Of course, when in San Diego, you go to the beach and eat at Hodads. Yum!

Serenity… take me back!
F & M Reunion!

So hey, about all those feels?! One year ago, my family and I were doing last minute errands, arrangements, and touristy things in preparation for my wedding! AHHH! All the memories. Ohh my gosh!