Need for Speed

Hello August! It’s my birthday month, and it’s not quite the start I had wished for.

Today, I got my first ever speeding ticket. I was so mad at myself because how dare I think that my morning meeting was more important than my safety and the safety of those on the road with me? In my defense, there was no one else around me. Because I left them all behind, maybe. As soon as I saw the CHP pull out of its hiding place, I knew she was after me. I pulled over immediately. I didn’t play dumb, and I was glad she didn’t ask me if I knew why she pulled me over. I didn’t fight her or disrespect her. I was as calm as I could be, but inside it was a mixture of, “Oh crap! A ticket! I’m late for the meeting! I’m so sorry, God. I’m sorry, Husband!” Yeah all of that. A few minutes later, I was on my way, with a ticket, and about twenty minutes late to my meeting. Never again, I hope.

To make myself feel better, I had HUGE slice of combination pizza for lunch. They must have known I was not having the best day ever, because they loaded that baby! I also sprinkled so much garlic and crushed pepper. Yup, totally delicious.

Anyway, I left work around 4:10pm, and stopped by my parents’ house to play with my nephew and the dogs. Of course, babies and pups are total cure for a horrible day. I didn’t tell my dad about my ticket, which means I have to beat him to our shared PO Box until my ticket comes. LOL. Even though I am married and moved out, I’m still scared of getting scolded by my parents! But u what was waiting for me? A summon for jury duty! Is this real life?!

I need a big glass of mojito. Or wine. Or beer. Or ROOTBEER. Cheers to thirsty Thursday!

Engagement’s 2nd Anniversary

At the beginning of June, I booked a round-trip plane tickets to Burbank for Mike and myself, not knowing if the trip would actually happen. However, just in case, I also booked a hotel room for a four-night stay a few days later. I was confident in my booking because Southwest Airlines has an amazing cancellation policy and DoubleTree By Hilton allows for a 24-hour cancellation. What’s great is that I booked my hotel at the right time, because I checked again a week later, and the prices was almost doubled! Phew!

Anyway, the mini vacation happened! We arrived in Burbank on a Saturday morning, and had breakfast at Grits Fullerton. I got Pork Belly & Grits and Mike ordered Bone Marrow & Waffles. Both were delicious! Then, on a whim, we drove to San Diego while monitoring StubHub. We watched our SF Giants play the Padres. Who knew that finding Giants shirt would be so hard in So Cal? LOL. We eventually found a Sports Fever store, where I got a nice shirt for 50% off! We made our way to Petco Park, and their parking price of $15 still amaze us because that is so much cheaper than what we are used to, especially with the garage being across the street from the ballpark! We had Phil’s BBQ right before the game, and we were happy to have set next to a pair of Giants fans. Our team lost, making us 0-2 when in attendance at Petco Park. On the bright side, it was fireworks night! We watched the fireworks show before heading back to Anaheim.

We spent Sunday, most of Monday, and Tuesday at Disneyland & California Adventure. We dined at Carthay Circle and Carnation Cafe, and we also did the on-the-go dining package for Fantasmic. This was mainly because we wanted to celebrate our engagement’s second anniversary. Silly, but it makes us nostalgic thinking about the day of! While waiting for Fantasmic, we sat in a circle talking with a family from Georgia and a local lady (of So Cal). They were really nice people, and made the wait bearable. One thing that we got a laugh out of was when the lady mentioned how folks from the East Coast or anywhere but the West Coast say “Disney” when referring to Walt Disney World, while West Coasters actually say “Land” or “World.” That is so interesting, but I also found some truth to it when I look at my Disney forums! Haha.

We flew back home on Wednesday, and of course, we had to bring back some pastries from Porto’s! Our families love it and they appreciate whenever we bring those boxes of happiness back. Now, I am gearing back to go to work… tomorrow… on a Saturday! But only for four hours. Ha!

If there is anything different from this past vacation, it’s the fact that we were more budget-conscious than we have ever been on a vacation. We also ate a whole bunch of popcorn because we remembered to bring the AP popcorn bucket we bought during our last visit to Disneyland. What was cool is that we were able to get refills for just $1! We must have refilled it 4 or 5 time during the trip. 😛

What’s new everyone?!

Breakfast at Grits Fullerton
Petco Park







Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! & a bunch of people


I’m a Woman and I Love Food

The inauguration happened two days ago. My newsfeed has been filled with some sort of opinion and emotions about the turn of administration. I am disheartened but hopeful. I have not watched the actual ceremony, but it is saved on my DVR. I worked my first Saturday yesterday, but if I hadn’t, I would have made my way to Sacramento or San Francisco.  I would have marched for my values and for what I believe in, not just for myself, but for my family, my friends, for the people who care, for the future. On my way home, I thought to myself how beautiful our world is to allow one person affect and consume us in whatever way we are affected – good or bad. Then I prayed. My faith allowed me to be at peace, at least for the moment, knowing that God always has a plan. I believe that there’s a reason for everything, and many times, we just don’t know why yet. And that is why I am hopeful.

Now that I have let my feelings out, let me tell you about my week last week. It was expensive. We didn’t go grocery shopping, so we basically ate out every night. Oops! We will get it done today, I promise! I can’t complain though because we ate the most amazing things all week. The best part? We ate local! 🙂 We had pho that totally ‘hit to the spot’ during the storm, and the Truffle Crab Noodle Soup that I had for the very first time on Friday was to-die-for. We finally tried the Thai restaurant down the street from our house, and now we understand why it has 4.5 stars on Yelp! Also, we went to my favorite happy hour spot – oysters, wine, and clam chowder!

Lastly, we went to visit my parents. My poor mom had to get surgery on her foot, so she’s currently immobile. I feel so bad when I see either of my parents feeling helpless, but I love their resilience and I love how they take care of one another. They are truly my “relationship goal.”

img_7299 img_7300

Two dozens of oysters and clam chowdaaah! I wanted more oysters, but I was told that would be bad. Oh well.

img_7304 img_7322

Seriously, cheese and fresh truffle?! Genius! Also, I saw this Pink Moscato at Target, and thought, “Wow, you’re pretty! I want you.” Thanks to my dad for that wine rack in the background. Next house, I may need a wine room.

Have a good week everyone!

Europe 2016: Hamburg, Germany

Guess who’s back from her first trip to Europe? Me! I might sound a little excited, but only because I’ve missed my dogs so much and I don’t go back to work until tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to my travel journal, so everything will be according to memory. It was only two weeks, but it was jam-packed with different adventures every single day. I wish it was longer. I will share and talk about my vacation over a few different posts. Please bare with me and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

First up: Hamburg, Germany

Since my sister-in-law and niece left a week earlier, it was only me and my brother traveling the morning of July 9th. our flight took us from SFO to Charlotte, NC. We had a two-hour layover before we continued our journey to Frankfurt. A couple of days before our trip, we learned that we will be taking a domestic flight to Bremen from Frankfurt. That was probably the most stressful part of that trip. Within one hour, we had to go through customs, pick up our baggages, find our way to the domestic terminals, re-check in our baggages, and then find our gate. It didn’t help that our gate was at the very end (aka the very last gate) of the terminal. We made it just in time. Whew!

My SIL’s sister and her husband picked us up from the Bremen, which was one hour away from their apartment in Hamburg. By the time we got to their apartment, we had enough time to talk about our trip, eat lunch, and then get ready for church. I felt my body wanting to shut down during mass, but I somehow managed to stay awake. After mass, we stayed a little longer for their bake sale, and then had dinner at Jim Block for our first official non-home-cooked meal dinner of the trip.

The following day, we spent the morning and early afternoon exploring the city center of Hamburg. We took the train there, and I was so impressed by their city hall. It was elaborately designed and was so beautiful to look at. We also walked and ate lunch along the pier, went on a  city cruise, and then made our way back to the apartment.

Hi, it’s me! Presh from the (Jim) Block!
Hamburg Rathaus
Backside of the Rathaus
Map of Hamburg
Mmm. Chocolates!

That’s it for now everyone!

Hey Friday!

In less than 18 hours, I will be aboard an AA flight en route to Germany! To say that  I am excited is every bit of an understatement. I have never been to Germany before, let alone Europe, so when my brother and his family invited me to join them on their summer vacation, I just had to accept. As my sister-in-law puts it, my “last shenanigan as a single woman.” If you’d like to see my adventure, you can follow me on Snapchat: napschut. I’m not very interesting on there, but my team insists I get one. Hah!

By the way, is there a robot I can buy that will fold my clothes and pack my bags for me? It’s my least favorite thing to do when going on trips: packing and unpacking. Ugh. I would rather do all the research, bookings, and put together an itinerary. On that note though, does anyone out there have any tips when it comes to packing for and touring Europe? I’ll take any suggestions. I’ll be there for two weeks.

Because we’re leaving early tomorrow, Mike (hello, fiancé) and I decided to have breakfast out today. My food was delicious. His was equally good, just three times bigger! The fried rice? Yum!

Mine: Linguica, Mushrooms, Onions, Bell Peppers
His: The Kitchen Sink

Oh. I ordered a pair of shoes from I wanted to take these shoes with me on my trip, so I paid for express shipping. My order was fulfilled and sent on time, but it seems as though FedEx either lost my package or wrongfully marked it as delivered. Either way, no package was delivered at 9:21AM on 7/07/16, per the tracking notification. I called Nike to let them know, and the representative I spoke with (Mark)  was extremely nice that I felt bad for having been so irritated. Hey FedEx, where are my shoes and socks?

So much to do between now and “bedtime!”

Update: My package has arrived! It was delivered to the wrong house yesterday. I’m glad  that this has been settled. I’m also happy to know that I have honest neighbors. 😊