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This Week…

Whew! What a week… and it’s only Wednesday! Ha! Work was so busy the past week, that it felt good to have had a calm afternoon today to catch up on paperwork.

First things first… HELP! I have never really worked with external hard drives until now. I have so much photos and videos on my MacBook that I have to find a way to save them elsewhere. Now, I read many places that I should back up my files in more than one place. Is that so? What about if just save my all my photos, videos, and only the most important files? What do or should I do? Any advice helps!

Ok… now for the week… 🙂

Mike cleared his Monday to spend time with my niece, Kyla, before she went back to school. They spent the day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I asked for pictures, but did I receive any? Of course not. Geez! When I asked what they ate for lunch, they said a funnel cake sundae! Wow! I was a little jealous, but was also concerned for their stomachs LOL. Since we were having guests over for dinner and had little time to prepare anything, we decided to order sushi. $100 worth of Japanese food devoured by three adults and three children. It was delicious and the company was so much fun!

After work yesterday, we took our sweet Cecilia to Hog Island Oyster Co for her birthday. Oysters, beers, and an Arnold Palmer… YUM! All day, we wanted to make sure she felt extra special because of she does so much for us every working day.

Today was back to school for so many kids in my area, and my newsfeed did not disappoint. I felt like I spent all day scrolling past and double tapping “First Day of School” posts. If both mom and dad have social media, I got double doses of the kids. Someday…

Love, Travel

Engagement’s 2nd Anniversary

At the beginning of June, I booked a round-trip plane tickets to Burbank for Mike and myself, not knowing if the trip would actually happen. However, just in case, I also booked a hotel room for a four-night stay a few days later. I was confident in my booking because Southwest Airlines has an amazing cancellation policy and DoubleTree By Hilton allows for a 24-hour cancellation. What’s great is that I booked my hotel at the right time, because I checked again a week later, and the prices was almost doubled! Phew!

Anyway, the mini vacation happened! We arrived in Burbank on a Saturday morning, and had breakfast at Grits Fullerton. I got Pork Belly & Grits and Mike ordered Bone Marrow & Waffles. Both were delicious! Then, on a whim, we drove to San Diego while monitoring StubHub. We watched our SF Giants play the Padres. Who knew that finding Giants shirt would be so hard in So Cal? LOL. We eventually found a Sports Fever store, where I got a nice shirt for 50% off! We made our way to Petco Park, and their parking price of $15 still amaze us because that is so much cheaper than what we are used to, especially with the garage being across the street from the ballpark! We had Phil’s BBQ right before the game, and we were happy to have set next to a pair of Giants fans. Our team lost, making us 0-2 when in attendance at Petco Park. On the bright side, it was fireworks night! We watched the fireworks show before heading back to Anaheim.

We spent Sunday, most of Monday, and Tuesday at Disneyland & California Adventure. We dined at Carthay Circle and Carnation Cafe, and we also did the on-the-go dining package for Fantasmic. This was mainly because we wanted to celebrate our engagement’s second anniversary. Silly, but it makes us nostalgic thinking about the day of! While waiting for Fantasmic, we sat in a circle talking with a family from Georgia and a local lady (of So Cal). They were really nice people, and made the wait bearable. One thing that we got a laugh out of was when the lady mentioned how folks from the East Coast or anywhere but the West Coast say “Disney” when referring to Walt Disney World, while West Coasters actually say “Land” or “World.” That is so interesting, but I also found some truth to it when I look at my Disney forums! Haha.

We flew back home on Wednesday, and of course, we had to bring back some pastries from Porto’s! Our families love it and they appreciate whenever we bring those boxes of happiness back. Now, I am gearing back to go to work… tomorrow… on a Saturday! But only for four hours. Ha!

If there is anything different from this past vacation, it’s the fact that we were more budget-conscious than we have ever been on a vacation. We also ate a whole bunch of popcorn because we remembered to bring the AP popcorn bucket we bought during our last visit to Disneyland. What was cool is that we were able to get refills for just $1! We must have refilled it 4 or 5 time during the trip. 😛

What’s new everyone?!

Breakfast at Grits Fullerton
Petco Park







Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! & a bunch of people